Over the last three decades Annick Grimmelprez managed to establish herself as a well-known interior architect and decorator. A few years ago her daughter Laura Colle joined the office. They both share the same approach in creating unique and high quality “sur mesure” spaces for their clients. Every project starts from scratch and considers the residents’ way of life and, of course, the architectural, historical and cultural context of the house. Their drive is to create a place that fits the owner as a bespoke suit. Without being hooked to one certain signature style, all the projects by Annick Grimmelprez and Laura Colle share the same refined, elegant and sophisticated feel.

In the design process both light and space are decisive. Starting from general layout, the light plan and the circulation through the house, they extend their interior concept to the smallest details. Surely they also guide their clients in choosing materials, colours, fabrics, furniture and even antiques or fine art pieces. 

Thanks to the great team of skilled craftsmen Annick Grimmelprez and Laura Colle do not only come up with great ideas, they also manage to realise them exactly the way they were planned.